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How to right a good essay

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Bibliology – The Doctrine of the Bible. The Doctrine of Scripture. I believe that God has given His complete written word in right the 66 books of the Bible (39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament). That scripture was given to mankind through the essay inspiration of the essay Holy Spirit to volunteer essay the God selected human authors (2 Pet. 1:21; 2 Tim.

3:16). The scriptures take on how to right the personal style and vocabularies of the human authors, however it is completely God-breathed, and inspired (2 Tim. 3:16; Heb. 1:1; Acts 3:21) and thus the bible is complete, infallible and inerrant as it stands (Mat. 5:18; John 10:35) . That the inspiration of life essay contest, Scripture was verbal and plenary (Matt. 5:18). How To. The scriptures as it stand is the only communication from God for the believer#8217;s faith and conduct. The scripture was complete with the writing of the book of Revelation. (Rev.

22:18-19) . There is no new Revelation, therefore nothing is to be added to scripture. I believe that the experience essay Bible should be interpreted literally using historical, grammatical and theological methods. The scripture cannot be interpreted without its meanings being revealed by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 2:9-16) . I believe that the scripture is Dispensational. God#8217;s revelation has been progressive in nature (Heb. 1:1; John 1:17). Is the Bible truly God’s word?

What is meant by inspiration of the scriptures? Does the Bible have any errors, contradictions or discrepancies? What is canonicity? Is there any proof for the inerrancy and inspiration of scripture? How do we know the difference between terms such as revelation, inspiration, illumination and interpretation? What is the difference between a dynamic equivalent, a fluid equivalent, and a paraphrase version of the Bible? Are some translations better or more inspired than others? Are some translations more honoring to Christ or more easily memorized? What is meant by how to right a good essay textual criticism?

What is meant by college board essay rubric ap biology gender neutral or gender sensitive translations of the how to a good Bible? The neo-orthodox view of the Bible says that the scriptures Are the literal word of God Contain the word of God Are not the word of God Are not the only books that are the word of God Have nothing to do with God The term inerrancy refers mainly to The character of God Figures of speech used in the Bible The accuracy of the Bible The history of the Bible None of the above The term canon literally means A collection A measuring rod A group A council A large weapon The number of Greek New Testament manuscripts that exist today are 100 500 3000 5000 Too numerous to count In the Roman Catholic Bible, the life essay contest book of Daniel contains 12 chapters 13 chapters 14 chapters None of the above How many total books in the Roman Catholic Bible? 73 75 78 Still adding books How many total books in the Greek Orthodox Bible? 66 78 80 I don’t know. Who said the following quote about the extra books of the Bible? “The church reads for example of life and instruction of manners but not to how to right establish any doctrine”? Anabaptists Presbyterians The church of England Methodist The Greek translation of the Old Testament is known as: A faulty translation The apocrypha The Septuagint The LXX Both c and dissertation rates, d The term apocrypha refers to: The book of Revelation A collection of books written 200 years before Christ The coming of anti-Christ Things that are hidden Both b and d Special revelation is defined as God making Himself known through: Christophonies Theophanies Dreams and visions Angels Christ and the Bible All of the above The work of the Spirit in helping us to understand scripture is a good essay referred to life essay as: Revelation Illumination Inspiration Animation Indoctrination The term hermeneutics refers to: The study of how to, angels The study of Christ The study of interpretation The study of andrew quarterly essay, man None of the a good above In the writing of the essay ap biology final product of scripture, one can say that God: Dictated all his words to the human authors Accommodated himself to popular scientific views Inspired only the thoughts and concepts Inspired every word and pen stroke None of the above That there are only how to a good, 66 book in the Bible: Was decided during the experience essay time of the reformation Has been changed throughout church history Was decided at the council of Nicaea Was recognized by Christians in all generations.

The chapter and verse divisions in the Bible are: Identical in every translation Inspired by God Produce the how to right a good same number of chapters in fund every Bible Added by how to man for ease of locating different passages None of the above The discovery of the dead sea scrolls help to authenticate: The inspiration of the Bible The preservation of the andrew charlton Bible The unreliability of the Bible The Septuagint can’t be trusted This test tells me that I have a lot to learn about Bibliology True False Possibly All of the above. Stay up to date with eMail update (Weekly) Free Resources for the growing Christian. Right A Good. #8220;But grow in grace, and [in] the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him [be] glory both now and for essay ap biology, ever. Amen.#8221; 2 Peter 3:18. New England's bible based teachings that both equips the church and makes a ready defense of apologetics.

Time to how to right a good essay dump political correctness and charlton, speak in love. Essay. This is college essay rubric a wonderful study. Thank you soooooo much. Bonnie, You are welcome. It is our desire to provide the highest level of Christian education for all media formats for free. Our salvation was a free gift and how much more should we equip the body of Christ:) See our Theology Section for more.

Exposistional Studies on right everybook is also a new section coming soon. Continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our precious Lord. Shalom, Keith. Amos37 on iTunes click banner. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Things are Reving up! Stay informed. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and volunteer experience, updates from our ministry team.

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“Over The Edge”: The 1979 teen angst film that introduced a generation to Rockford, Illinois’s Cheap Trick. We’ll get to a good essay Cheap Trick’s contributions to the soundtrack in a moment, but first let’s take a look back at the film itself. When Over The Edge was released to just a handful of theaters in dissertation statistical services rates, May 1979, the relatively new Orion movie company’s first poster and marketing campaign for the film — featuring pale kids with empty eyes, looking like zombies — got it very wrong, very wrong, making it look like they were promoting a horror movie. Orion — the right a good new film finance and production company had been launched in March 1978 — had been formed by essay, five former United Artists film execs, who named their new company after a constellation that contains five clearly visible stars, and despite their confidence, they weren’t too sure-footed as a stand-alone company yet, and essay like any new movie company, they wanted their first release to be a hit. Originally, they’d slated another film — director George Roy Hill’s A Little Romance — to all resume ru be their first release, and Over The Edge was to how to be their second released in volunteer experience, 1979. Executives at how to right a good essay Orion, however, were initially troubled by some of the violence they’d read in the script (there really isn’t much dude-on-dude violence, though) and volunteer essay they wanted the how to right essay screenwriters to tone it down, and andrew charlton essay make it into a kind of Romeo Juliet love story amid a larger story of disenfranchised youth, but the writers held firm to their original concept (originally it was titled On The Edge ).

Written by screenwriter Tim Hunter — son of blacklisted screenwriter Ian McClellan Hunter — and how to right a good Charles Haas, a fellow screenwriter and board essay rubric ap biology one of right a good, Hunter’s former film history students at UC Santa Cruz, Over The Edge was inspired by charlton essay, a newspaper article about the then-recent uptick in how to right, juvenile crime in Foster City, an upper-middle class planned suburb located about halfway between Palo Alto and contest San Francisco in how to a good, Northern California, not too far from the San Francisco Airport. The story — headlined “Mousepacks: Kids on a Crime Spree” — had been published in life essay contest, the November 11, 1973 edition of the San Francisco Examiner , written by reporters Bruce Koon and James Finefrock. Writer Mike Sacks’s excellent oral history for VICE remains thus far the most definitive essay and right a good oral history about college rubric ap biology, Over The Edge , and we encourage you to check it out, since it contained just about everything you’d want to know about the film itself, and featured interviews with twenty members of the cast and crew. Sacks quotes from the how to a good original newspaper article in his piece for all resume ru, VICE: “ Mousepacks. Right A Good? Gangs of youngsters, some as young as nine, on a rampage through a suburban town. One on a bike pours gasoline from a gallon can and andrew charlton quarterly sets it afire. Lead pipe bombs explode in a good essay, park restrooms. Spray paint and obscenities smear a shopping center wall.

Two homes are set ablaze. Board Essay Rubric Ap Biology? Antennas by the hundreds are snapped off parked cars in essay, a single night. Liquid cement clogs public sinks and water fountains. Street lights are snuffed out with BB guns so often they are no longer replaced. Andrew Charlton? It sounds like the scenario for an underage Clockwork Orange, a futuristic nightmare fantasy. A Good Essay? But all the life essay incidents are true. They happened in Foster City where pre-teenage gangs—mousepacks—constitute one of the city’s major crime problems.” The original article detailed how teens had gone into a local junior high gymnasium — probably Nathaniel Bowditch Middle School — and destroyed pool tables and how to a good ping-pong tables, and the vandalism had led to the cancellation of programs that were sponsored by the Foster City parks department. This kind of board essay, vandalism was directly related to how to right the fact that the city planners who had designed the ideal communities like Foster City had thought of everything for the adults, but they forgot the fact that at least 25% of the population moving into these pre-fab cities were under the age of life essay, 25. They were given pool and ping-pong tables at the gym, and lame recreation centers that closed at 6pm, but everything was so new and how to essay fake-looking it inspired the teens to want to destroy it.

And so, the college ap biology kids of Foster City felt isolated, restless and bored out of their minds, which is what led to how to right essay them spending their evenings drinking and getting high, breaking and entering, and vandalizing city property. Hunter’s and Haas’s screenplay reflected this adolescent ennui perfectly, showing how the blyth fund design and right planning of volunteer experience, their pre-fab city New Granada (in place of Foster City) actually plays a part, like a character itself, in how these teens felt about how to a good, where they were living, and quarterly what was going on in their lives. The director of Over The Edge , Jonathan Kaplan, should be and has been given a lot of a good, credit for bringing Hunter’s and Haas’s vision to the screen. The son of services rates, film composer Sol Kaplan and essay actress Frances Heflin, he had gone to NYU film school and college board essay ap biology where as an undergrad, Martin Scorsese was one of his professors. He had directed just one major picture, in 1975, White Line Fever , and also directed the infamous Sex Pistols movie called Who Killed Bambi? , prior to getting this job, coming in to replace Russ Meyer for how to essay, a spell before the film fell apart completely. Kaplan — just thirty years old at the time — apparently had a real connection with his youthful cast, this despite the stress everyone felt onset, having a 36-day shoot schedule, with most of the film’s night scenes hurriedly going before cameras first, forcing the young cast to volunteer essay sleep days and bond over long hours at night. The production itself had to be moved from California, due to the state’s rigid child labor laws, to two locations in Colorado — Greeley and Aurora, roughly ten miles from Colombine High. Before then, however, Kaplan had to essay find his cast, and due to both budget constraints and wanting to find unknown young actors who were actually fourteen (rather than find experienced 20-year olds who could look 14), he began working on the casting, out of New York, meeting with more professional young actors, while Hunter and Haas began going to schools and fund resume asking the principals or drama teachers to recommend students: those kids turned out to a good be wrong, but they eventually found the right students by meeting kids who had cut class and were found smoking pot behind the school.

One of charlton quarterly essay, those students was Matt Dillon, who was found at a middle school in Westchester, New York, cutting class and right smoking in life, the boy’s room. He had a chipped tooth, and he tried to act tough when they began talking to him about his interest in acting. Kaplan and right a good essay talent scout Jane Bernstein asked him what his parents did, and Dillon told them his father was “a fucking stockbroker and my mom, she don’t do shit.” They met with his family and charlton essay realized he was as middle-class as they come, perfect for the role although he had zero acting experience. Essay? After all, Matt Dillon was only 14. One of the best things about the dissertation statistical movie, tough, which everyone involved got right — and all credit must be given to the director, and to the young members of his cast — was the film’s soundtrack. According to what actress Pamela Ludwig told writer Mike Sacks, during filming, the young cast would bring a boombox with them to wherever they were shooting, and they would rock out to whatever they were listening to at the time — including songs by The Cars ( “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “ Just What I Needed” ), Van Halen (“ You Really Got Me” ), the Ramones ( “Teenage Lobotomy” ), Joe Walsh, etc. How To Right A Good? — and she even playing tracks by all resume ru, bands that weren’t quite well known just yet, particularly and most importantly, Rockford, Illinois-based rockers Cheap Trick.

Ludwig is how to right essay, practically credited as a music supervisor because she turned the cast and life essay the crew on to Cheap Trick’s albums (her boyfriend, a roadie, had made her tapes of albums that weren’t yet widely known about, and certainly not being played on the radio), and four of how to right, their songs would eventually make their way into experience, the film — “Surrender,” “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace,” “Hello There,” and “Downed” - - and on to the film’s LP soundtrack, which is right, worth a lot of money today if you can find yourself a copy. You can get a real sense for how wrong the trailer was for the film (which feels more like a horror movie — more about that in a sec) by watching the first few minutes of the actual film itself, the dissertation statistical first image onscreen being a billboard advertising “New Granada: Tomorrow’s city… today” (later, another billboard, this time one that is how to a good essay, being dismantled, reads “New Granada: Ideal business environment” ), to the churning rock guitars of dissertation, Cheap Trick’s “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace,” from their self-titled debut. The lyrics — the song, one of how to right, Cheap Trick’s few cover songs, was written and previously recorded by British rocker Terry Reid — are pitch-perfect: Yesterday feels like running away. Feels like givin’ the child gettin’ lost losin’ my mind. I’m feelin’ low and i got no place to go. Gettin’ all tied up, feelin’ all tied up yeah. The action gets underway as two teens on a highway overpass begin firing on a police car with a BB rifle. Their nemesis, Sgt. Doberman (Harry Northup), loses the snipers in a chase and instead grabs 14-year-old Carl Willat (Michael Kramer) and his friend Richie White (Matt Dillon) while they’re walking home, but Richie — who is currently on probation for breaking and entering — refuses to cooperate with Doberman’s questions. Carl’s record is clean and his Cadillac salesman father (Andy Romano) wants to keep it that way so his son won’t end up in reform school on “The Hill.”

All Carl wants to do is to listen to Cheap Trick on his headphones, and it’s pretty great to hear their music in quarterly, this film considering they were a band who were relatively unknown but were just beginning to break in the U.S. at the time the movie was being filmed, in 1978. By the time of the film’s release, in 1979, Cheap Trick — lead singer Robin Zander, guitarist Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson and how to right drummer Bun E. Blyth Fund? Carlos — had released three albums: their 1977 self-titled debut, followed by In Color (also 1977), and a good Heaven Tonight (1978) — and although all three were critically-acclaimed by the rock media, none of them were selling particularly well at the time and certainly none had cracked the Top 40. Things were about to life change, however, for how to a good, Cheap Trick, who toured incessantly then as they do now, playing any gig that came their way. Volunteer? Their reputation was that they were a solid opening band — they played shows with Kiss, Queen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and did a co-headlining tour with AC/DC. Despite still being relatively unknown in America, it turns out that they were huge in Japan in 1978, where all three albums had gone gold.

In April 1978, they had even done their first Japanese tour, flying coach and stepping off their plane to find that there were thousands of Japanese fans waiting for them at the airport. They ended up having to have 24-hour guards posted at their hotel, and decided to record two of how to right a good, their shows, at at Tokyo’s famous Nippon Budokan, for life, a Japan-only live album, Cheap Trick At Budokan . However, a funny thing caught their label, Epic Records, off-guard, when import copies of the a good album (released in Sept. ’78) began flying off the shelves, and radio stations across the country began playing the raucous live versions of “Surrender” and essay rubric “I Want You to a good Want Me,” and they very quickly released a domestic version of Cheap Trick At Budokan in the States, which would eventually sell over three million copies and climbing the board essay ap biology Billboard album charts to #4. Of the songs included on the Over The Edge soundtrack, “Surrender” seems to be the one that perhaps captures the best overall vibe of the how to a good film’s teen angst, getting the feeling that most teenagers feel about their parents absolutely right: they’re fucking weird. “Surrender” is the andrew charlton lead-off track on the movie soundtrack, and the unofficial theme song too, accompanying one of the movie’s best scenes, which takes place in an unfinished tract home that the boys have taken to calling “their apartment,” where we see a blissed-out Cory (played by the aforementioned Pamela Ludwig) dancing wildly to the song while waving a gun around, imitating guitarist Rick Nielsen’s onstage antics. You’ll have to watch the clip (or better yet, the movie) to right see what happens. Another great Cheap Trick tune that makes it into the film, and onto the soundtrack, is “Hello There,” which is the perfect introductory song, kicking off both their In Color album and their live album too. (You can hear some of the song in one of the clips we’ve included here). “ Hello There” lyrically serves many functions as a lead-off song, including as an enticement, a greeting to the audience, and an invitation to join in on the fun (and to perhaps smoke a joint?): Hello there ladies and gentlemen. Hello there ladies and gents. Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready or not? Would you like to life contest do a number with me? However, it’s also interesting to note that it was originally written by the band as a song they could play as the first song in their set (it’s less than two-minutes long, too), effectively serving as a soundcheck when they weren’t given one (many opening acts don’t often get the chance to right a good essay test the sound systems in volunteer experience, most clubs and arenas). It introduces each instrument, one at a time — drums, guitar, bass, voice — and by the time Zander’s voice kicks in, the band’s sound mix was usually figured out, and they could move quickly into playing the rest of right essay, their set. The last song included on volunteer essay, the soundtrack and in the film is how to essay, “Downed,” and fund we thought we’d share this write-up by our friend, writer Kim Morgan, who wrote about the song in 2006 for her Sunset Gun blog: “As of right, now, I can’t stop listening to fund resume one of my favorite songs (of all songs) ‘Downed’ from the brilliant album In Color.

It’s such a curiously sad, yet wonderfully fuck-it-all song that, of how to a good, late it makes my head spin and burn and think and feel and all resume ru and yearn and feel happy. If you’re going through anything, if you feel a little crazy it’s cathartic beyond reason. How To A Good Essay? This just runs through my brain: “Downed, downed out of college essay, my head… I’m going to live in a mountain way down under in Australia. It’s either that or suicide. It’s such a strange strain on a good, you. Oooh, I got a mind.” I got a mind. If a song makes you feel happy and crazy all at once that’s a truly awesome (and awesome, that word, used the correct way).

I’m going to listen again because I think it may be one of the top five greatest songs ever recorded. Top three. I got a mind.” The film was supposed to end with the college board rubric ap biology Who’s “Baba O’Riley” playing as the bus heads off towards the prison, but Kaplan told Sacks that it proved too expensive to license, so the how to a good producers went a different direction, replacing the “teenage wasteland” lyrics of the Who with Valerie Carter’s riveting cover of “O-o-h Child,” which had a more optimistic feel to it ( “things are going to volunteer experience get easier” ). According to an interview Kaplan did decades later with the Village Voice (August 14, 2001), while the film was still in production, a new L.A. A Good? Times article had been published, declaring that the all resume ru coming trend in motion pictures that year was going to be “gang movies,” and so according to Kaplan, Over The Edge “got lumped in with The Warriors, The Wanderers, Boulevard Nights .” Kaplan: “ The Warriors was a huge hit [it had been released in February 1979] , but there was violence in the theaters; two people got killed, and right they pulled [the advertisements for] the picture because it was such bad publicity for the studio.”

Indeed, The Warriors was blamed for a shooting death that took place at at a Palm Springs, California drive-in, and for a fatal stabbing that same night in Oxnard, another California city. College Board Rubric Ap Biology? Three nights later, in Boston, there was another stabbing death by kids who had just seen a screening of the film. The Orion execs were afraid that the advance press about “another gang movie” was going to hurt their business, and they were also afraid of “copycat violence,” so they screened the film for a few weeks in New York and a good L.A. and then shelved it. It did get a nice review in 1979 from Roger Ebert, who describes the film’s setting perfectly: “The movie’s set on life essay, those dry, rolling plains west of Denver, where suburbia creeps toward Boulder, and Boulder creeps back. The name of this suburb is essay, New Granada—an oasis of split-level homes and statistical services streets curving gracefully toward their dead-ends at the end of the development. The soft plops of tennis balls tick away the afternoons. Oh, and there are kids here, too. They hang out at a Quonset hut that’s the local youth center, and if you know the a good right kid you can get a deal on grass, hash, ludes, speed, whatdaya need?”

Over The Edge ‘s influence has been very widespread. All Resume Ru? It first started to show up on how to right essay, cable, on HBO, in the 80s and became a regular featured movie there, rescuing it from fund resume relatively obscurity. Jodie Foster saw Over The Edge and wanted to how to essay work with Kaplan, saying “Over The Edge was the dissertation statistical only teen movie that made any sense.” She ended up with a starring role in how to right, Kaplan’s The Accused , and won an life, Oscar. In the early 90s, the music video for Nirvana’s bit hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” filmed on a soundstage in a good, Culver City, made to look like the inside the gym at volunteer L.A.’s Fairfax High, and it appeared greatly influenced by Over The Edge . Kurt Cobain had said it was a favorite film, and told writer Michael Azerrad “That movie pretty much defined my whole personality. It was really cool. Total anarchy.” ( Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana ). There’s even some mention of that fact in Brett Morgen’s recent documentary about Cobain, Montage of Heck , which we told you about essay, here and here. Experience? It also influenced the music video for Fu Manchu’s “Evil Eye.”

A great movie indeed! Sadly crappywood will never make something as good as this. A great double feature would be this and Kenny and Company! 1) This movie is great. 2) However, I don’t know a single Cheap Trick fan of how to right a good, that era who got into them because of this movie. 3) The “Ooh Child” at the end is not “optimistic”. All Resume Ru? If anything, it’s ironic. I wasn’t a fan of them at the time, but I came to how to right a good like them because of this movie and dissertation rates the fact that it was always on HBO when I was younger. I can honestly attest that I got into Cheap Trick from this film. However, I have to admit I was seven when the film came out and I knew the soundtrack (which I had and how to stupidly got rid of) before I really had any clue who Cheap Trick was.

My parents were first gen hippies, and they generally didn’t play that sort of power pop which, ironically, is blyth fund, pretty much my favorite type of music. I mean, I think Cheap Trick and Big Star are just too incredible for words. YESYESYES!! I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON THAT ISN’T DON COSCARELLI THAT’S EVER SEEN KENNY COMPANY!! I loved this moved when I was a teenager.

In fact I still do. Brilliant choice. Essay? I had to hunt down a VHS copy of a copy of that film. Essay? Kenny Company and Over the Edge were essential viewing in the early days of cable. I cannot tell you how many times I watched both of these films. In the early 2000’s, filmmaker Susan Dynner was curious to. As if the national news couldn’t be any more unbearably. Now streaming on right a good essay, Night Flight Plus is the slightly NSFW. Back in the early to all resume ru mid-1980s, the USA cable network. A little over thirty-one years ago, viewers of “Night Flight”. Take Off to a good Music Video Directors!

This week, Night Flight. On December 4, 1981, New Wave icon Lene Lovich was. “The Weird World of Blowfly”: Raunchy rap legend Clarence Reid was the original gangsta. Kick-ass Korean “Kung Fu Theater”-style action from “He Who Returned With One Leg” In 1985, Prince pledged allegiance to “America,” while fretting about rubric, Commies nuclear war.

Copyright © 1984-2015 Night Flight Networks LLC | Night Flight is a registered trademark of Digital Download Inc.

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Report of a Court Visit Essay Sample. I will briefly describe role and function of the Federal, State Court System and including Community Justice Centres and including Legal Aid. I will report my visiting at the Downing Centre Local Court and seeking the information about summons or attendance notice by speaking one of the court officers. I will present some nature of the matters as my observing court proceeding. I also provide a concise comments and soico-legal intervention from right a good, my personal point of view. Describe the essay contest, courts and the relevant jurisdiction. Courts are various in Australia; I will briefly describe Federal and State Court System. The High Court is the highest court in how to right, the Australian judicial system.

The seat of the High Court is in Parliamentary Triangle, Canberra. Andrew Quarterly Essay! The functions of the High Court are to interpret and apply the right, law of Australia; to all resume ru decide cases of special leave from Federal, State and how to right essay, Territory courts. Including challenges to experience the constitutional validity of the laws and to hear appeals. Right Essay! In addition, there are offices of the High Court Registry in Sydney, staffed by offices of the High Court. (High Court website) There are three levels in the general court hierarchy in New South Wales. Essay Contest! It is the Supreme Court, District Courts and Local Courts. (Law link website) The highest court in the State is Supreme Court of the how to a good essay, NSW. It has unlimited civil jurisdiction and handles the most serious criminal matters. The Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal hear appeals from decision made in andrew charlton essay, most of the how to essay, Courts of NSW and from decisions made by a single judge of Supreme Court. The District Court is the intermediate Court in NSW and has jurisdiction to hear: all indictable criminal offences (except murder, treason and piracy); and fund, civil matters with a monetary vale up to $750,000, or greater with the consent of the parties.

The Court also has an unlimited jurisdiction in respect of motor accident cases. Right Essay! The Court can also deal with applications under the De facto Relationships Act 1984, and the Family Provision Act1982, that involve property wroth not more than $250,000. Charlton Quarterly Essay! The Court’s judges hear appeals from the Local Court and also preside over a range of administrative and disciplinary tribunals. (Law link website) The Local Courts are the courts of general access in right a good essay, NSW and essay, have jurisdiction to deal with: criminal matter which can be decided without a jury and how to right essay, committal hearing; juvenile prosecutions and life, care matters; motor traffic prosecution; civil actions to how to right essay recover amount up to a certain value ($40,000); some family law issues and coronal inquiries. In the andrew quarterly essay, Local Court, Magistrates hear criminal cases, which do not need a judge and jury. These are called summary offences and include traffic matters, minor stealing offensive behaviour, and some types of assault. Magistrates conduct committal proceedings to right essay decide if there is enough evidence for experience serious matter, such as armed robbery, to go before the District Court.

Magistrates also hear applications for apprehended violence order where one person is seeking a restraining order against another. (Law link website) Community Justice Centres resolve disputes through mediation, free of charge to members of the public. There are six centres through the State, providing an informal and impartial dispute resolution service to all sections of the community and Government agencies. The types of matters deal with by community Justices including family disputes and youth conflict, workplace grievances, neighbourhood and community disputes. (Law link website) The Legal Aid Commission of NSW provides free legal advice to right a good anyone on most matters.

If someone has to go to Local Court, a duty lawyer will represent the person if he/she is eligible for legal aid. To contact legal Aid to make an appointment or call LawAccess asking for further information. (Law link. Attending a half-day court visit. I attended the Downing Centre Local Court one of the Friday mornings with some other social work students. The Local Court is located at 143-147 Liverpool Street, Sydney.

It deals with a range of matters including criminal charges, traffic matters, general applications, civil claims, apprehended violence application and family law. Level 4 of Downing Centre hear to criminal and general cases and level 5 hear to civil claims only. After passing security check up, I entered the building. Experience! A list indicating these matters and all other matters was displayed in the ground floor foyer. It was very hard to understand the means of those names and shorthand. How To Right Essay! Finally, I found the cases’ number and courtrooms, which I interested in it. A lady who worked at Information Desk advised us go to visit level 4 and than level 5. Apprehended Violence Applications and Family Law matters are listed on Wednesdays, there are some support workers will be working with women in a special room very Wednesdays. There are clear notices on that door. I was fortunate to be able to dissertation statistical speak with one of the court offices about how to answer the summons or attendance notice between the Court break. He pointed out that the court attendance notice requires ” you to attend Court to how to a good essay answer a charge that you have committed an offence against the law.

If you do nothing, the court case may be heard without you or warrant may be issued for your arrest”. Services Rates! He told me that what means by saying “guilty or not guilty”. To do this, ” you can go to the Court on the day on your own or with your solicitor or you can tell the Court your plea in writing. Essay! The completed Written Notice of Pleading must be received by the Court at least 5 days before the court hearing date written on the attendance notice.” He was continuing to blyth fund explain that for me as following: “If you plead guilty, the how to right a good, police facts sheet will be read to the court. Fund! The Magistrate may also statements from right, any witnesses, your handwritten statement or record of interview and blyth resume, copy of your criminal record if you have one. Your lawyer will give an explanation about how and why the offence happened and some information about your current financial situation, personal circumstances and general character. The Magistrate will then consider the penalty. Penalties can be various, range from dismissal without conviction through to conviction with a fine, good behaviour bond, community service order, periodic detention, home detention or full time gaol. Once the Magistrate has decided on the penalty in you case, make sure you understand what it is. If you don’t have a lawyer, ask the Magistrate or court staff to explain it for you.

If you receive a fine, there will be pay in 28 days. If you cannot pay within the set time, go and speak to the court staff before you go. How To Right A Good! Before you leave the all resume ru, court, find out whether you have to sign any documents such as a good behaviour bond, community service order and right a good essay, so on board rubric, and do this before you leave.” Indeed, he said “On the day, if you tell the Magistrate that you are pleading not guilty, you case will be given a date for how to right a good hearing. Usually is all resume ru 4 weeks from how to right a good essay, first hearing.” Present the nature of the matters being dealt with and positions role of those involved with the presentation of evidence during the proceedings.

The layout and rules within the court portrayed strict hierarchical order. When I was walking in or out of the courtroom I must bow to the Magistrate, and address him or her as ‘your Honour’ or ‘your Worship’. Layers sit in front of their respective clients, and all resume ru, he/she is able to address the Magistrate. Court Reporter operates the recorder and records the how to right a good essay, proceeding for court files and board essay rubric ap biology, Court Office calls people into how to a good essay, court by their name and cases’ numbers. All Resume Ru! The police prosecutor represents the police in criminal matters.

Witnesses will give their version of the events, which caused the case to be brought to court. Most cases heard in the Local Court are open to the public; I sit in how to, the public seat. Miss X, she is about twenty years old and charges from stealing public property such as stealing the money from the public phones, cameras from shop’s window and other people personal belongings from the public places and homes. She lives on selling the goods which from stolen others. She came from a broken family had custody, also had a drug abuse when she was 13. The most of college board her money was supplied for Heroine addict.

The charges for her is how to a good 12- month sentences, 6- month community service order and $200 fine. Her lawyer omitted her employment history and college board essay rubric, welfare state. Provided a concise analysis of all proceeding in relation to possible soico- legal intervention. She was the how to a good, first offender, she pleaded guilty. She was crying, shivering at court hearing and seemed she would like to have some change in her life. However, she knew how hard to break the bad life chain. She looked her male friend (may be a boyfriend) when she replied questions that the Magistrate asked her most of the time.

My impression of essay that kind of the body language means she is seeking help and really need shelter. To doing this, her may be having a limitation to seek helping resources. If I am a social worker with this client, I will look at her personal attachment and investigate relevant events around facts. In this point, I may explore further possibilities that could be arranged by utilising family resources. For instance, her mother or her sister they may give an emotional support and a good essay, a place for her to live, that will be a good opportunity to leave her pervious environment to change her behaviour. Essay! Further support can be found through community resources, like youth support group, community health centre, and right a good, establish a service plan for her 6-month community service order. All Resume Ru! I will highly recommend she should have exercised case manager, especially in 6-month community service order. Mr. Y is young man charge from travel on no tickets for many years. This time he was changed for punching a tickets’ officer at Liverpool station and made this railway staff had a fractured on his face and how to essay, have to stay in hospital for a month.

He had one penalty of community service order just finished 3 weeks ago. Services! His lawyer said he diagnosed a challenging behaviour when his 12 and his had drug abuse. Mr. Y said this tickets officer fell down the floor by how to right a good, himself he plead not guilty so the charlton essay, Magistrate will be given a date for hearing. Provided a concise analysis of right a good essay all proceeding in andrew charlton, relation to right essay possible soico- legal intervention. Mr.Y was not a first offender; his lawyer did not mention any information about how he went through his pervious penalty such as ‘good behaviour bond’. In hearing, he tried to leave the courtroom more one time and court office has to bring him back.

At foyer during break time, I saw he was no responded when his lawyer talking to him about his case, and his lawyer had to blyth resume hold him down. He just wanted to leave. (The court did not close yet). He seems having a problem to understand the court procedure in how to right a good essay, some degrees. I found this man is ill. The questions cross my mend quickly, “Is there any social worker intervention after he got first penalty? What kind of the health condition dose this young man has now? Dose he have any review after he diagnosed as a challenging behaviour scenic he was 12? Who he lives with?” If I am a social worker with this client, the first step I will review his case and referral him to visit a mental clinic and to all resume ru see a group of specialist such as psychiatrist, pathology and how to a good, dietician. After I do some investigate, I will work with other health professional make a service plan for Mr. Y. It is approaches that considers the whole person, looks at the person’s environment and lifestyle, and volunteer, find what kind support needs in order to reach his potential and life goals, reduce the how to a good essay, risk to blyth fund community. (The Positive Approach to Challenging Behaviour, 1997, p, 7)

Mrs. Lebanese, she wearing a long black dress and cardigan with a white scarf over her head, came to court with her 12-year-old son. Her son will do the interpreter to his mother. The Magistrate looked at her case just told her, “you should come back on how to right a good essay, the next hearing and make sure bring your solicitor with you.” Provided a concise analysis of services rates all proceeding in relation to possible soico- legal intervention. I saw her sit at outside courtroom when I entered foyer and sit in the some courtroom with her hearing. I found she was still waiting, event her case was already closed half hour ago until the how to, court office said to her come back in 4 weeks and essay, bring her lawyer with her and how to a good, not her son. I wonder dose this woman understand why she should come bake in andrew quarterly, 4 weeks time, why so important for her needs seeking legal aid.

During my half-day court visit, I did not see any social worker appeals the courtroom for right a good her. Statistical! The Court did not arrange any interpreter for NESB people and none of a duty lawyer visits this woman. I understand if people have poor English language skills and not familia with the court proceeding are more disadvantage for them to how to right defend themselves. I notice legal aid budget cuts by volunteer essay, Howard government, the study shows many case without representation fare which were worse in cases and how to right a good, many clients were denied assistance by legal aid due to the costs, I believed that the Lebanese woman just was one of victims for board essay rubric ap biology reduce the legal access. If I am a social worker with this client, I will make an interview this woman with official interpreter, and check up her finance. If she was eligible to have the Legal Aid access, I will contact the Commission and arrange an interpreting service for her going to the Commission.

If she criteria unmet, I will ask her think about essay, private lawyer. I will get the court papers ready before hearing day, if she wishes me does it. In my report, I demonstrated the Australia legal systems and college rubric ap biology, there are three levels of how to right essay jurisdiction in college essay rubric, the New South Wales. As a social worker may involve legal aid or family support and deal with court proceeding in many ways. I believe that Social worker should be mindful all proceeding in relation of soico-legal intervention. Right Essay! It is social worker’s role to provide a quality of the service, identify the legal issues of your clients and support people in equality. A social worker can also provide support by simplifying the language and procedures of the court context.

It is a big challenge for social worker practices in socio-legal area. Ageing Disability Department (1997), The Positive Approach to Challenging Behaviour, Sydney, NSW. Bartley, R. (2000), A guide to the Local Court, 5th ed. Redfern Legal Centre, Redfern. Swain, P. (ED) (2000) In the Shadow of the Law- Legal Context of Social Work Practice, Second Edition Federation Press; Annandale. Thompson J, (1989), Social Worker and Law: A practical guide to court and report, Redfern Legal Centre, Redfern.

Going to court: a handy guide to the Local Court for defendants, 10/09/2003. Jason Nichols, The human toll of legal aid cuts in Australia, 6/11/1998. High Court of Australia, 10/09/2003. About the blyth resume, Supreme Court of New South Wales, 8/9/2003. About the Local Courts of New South Wales, 8/9/2003. About the District Court of right a good essay New South Wales,8/9/2003. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Report of a Court Visit.

essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Report of dissertation statistical services a Court Visit. The Subject Matter of the CaseLayout of the Court and Roles of Court ParticipantsInteresting ObservationsDegree of formality in the court proceedingHow the evidence was presentedUnderstanding the Happening of a Court… Introduction Petitioner, Mishiel Lapasaran Torrefiel the wife of the defendant Clifford Rey Torrefiel filed a declaration for the nullity of marriage and custody of the children. Defendant has deemed to… Court History and right essay, Purpose. Court History and Purpose Americans have a fascination with crime and justice. Televisions in typical households tune in weekly to crime shows such as CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, and Law… Contrast/Comparison of State and blyth fund resume, Federal Court Systems. After filing an a good essay, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint and seeing the complaint through to arbitration and then being sent a “Right to all resume ru Sue” letter, the how to a good, next step is to…

Court Issues Analysis. Each and all resume ru, every police entity has issues or problems that must be dealt with on a daily basis. Whether it is technology, personnel, monetary etc.There are always problems to deal… Starting from the early 20th century, the Juvenile Court system was merely a starting concept that was utilized to how to a good rehabilitate? youth offenders, the volunteer experience, philosophy prior to be that parents, primarily…

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am psychology essay by Prof. Charles Tart. How To Essay? Who am I? If you think life is a meaningless accident, your perceptions of the complex world around you will likely be biased toward seeing the all resume ru meaningless and absurd. If you believe in original sin and the great difficulties of finding salvation, your perceptions will be biased toward seeing your own and right essay others' failures. Our beliefs about who we are and what our world is like are not mere beliefs they strongly control our lives. We can gain more control by finding out rates what we believe and a good essay how those beliefs affect us. -- Prof. Charles Tart in his thought-provoking essay Who Am I? The penetrating article below explores the profound question, Who am I? Charles Tart, professor of experience, psychology at how to right a good essay the University of California, Davis, has written this intriguing essay inviting us to blyth fund, question our beliefs and our view of how to right a good essay, reality.

Do you really know who you are? Do I really know who I am? How much is our thinking around this and other deep questions shaped by our beliefs and our upbringing. Read on to explore further into dissertation services the depths of this mystery and open to a more expanded awareness of who we are. With best wishes, The question is an eternal one. If you don't answer it, you may never be able to distinguish between what your essential self wants and what other people manipulate you to how to essay, want. Each of us may do best to answer it for himself or herself.

Yet the all resume ru answers given by others do affect the way we approach (or avoid) this question. Several general types of answers have been offered. Right A Good Essay? The most traditional answer in dissertation rates, Western culture is that you are a creature, a creation of essay, God, a creation that is flawed in statistical services, vital ways. Conceived and born in original sin, you are someone who must continually struggle to obey the rules laid down by that God, lest you be damned. It is an answer that appears depressing in right essay, many ways. One the one hand, it can lead to low self-worth and the expectation of failure. On the other, it may lead to the rigid, conceited arrogance of being one of the elect. Experience? Further, this view doesn't much encourage you to think about who you really are, as the answer has already been given from a higher source. The more modern answer to Who am I? is a good essay, that you are a meaningless accident. Contemporary science is dissertation statistical services rates, largely associated with a view of reality that sees the how to right a good essay entire universe as totally material, governed only by fixed physical laws and all resume ru blind chance.

It just happened that, in a huge universe, the right chemicals came together under the how to right conditions so that the chemical reaction we call life formed and services eventually evolved into you. But there's no inherent meaning in that accident, no spiritual side to right, existence. I believe that this view is not really good science, but rather what we believe to be scientific and factual. More important, it's a view that has strong psychological consequences. After all, if you're just a mixture of meaningless chemicals, your ultimate fate death and nonexistence is clear. Don't worry too much about other people, as they are just meaningless mixtures of chemicals, too. In this view, it doesn't really matter if you think about who you really are whatever conclusions you arrive at are just subjective fantasies, of college board rubric, no particular relevance in the real physical world. Psychologically speaking, this materialist view of how to essay, our ultimate nature leaves as much to be desired as does the born-into-original-sin view. As a psychologist, I stress the psychological consequences of all resume ru, these two views of right a good essay, your ultimate identity, because your beliefs do shape your reality.

Modern research has shown that, in many ways, what we believe affects the way our brain constructs the world we experience. Life Essay? Some of right, these beliefs are conscious. All Resume Ru? You know you have them. Yet many are implicit you act on them, but don't even know you have them. If you think life in general is a meaningless accident, your perceptions of the how to right a good complex world around you will likely be biased toward seeing the meaningless and absurd. Andrew Charlton Quarterly? Seeing this will in turn reinforce your belief in how to right a good, the meaninglessness of things. If you believe in original sin and blyth resume the great difficulties of finding salvation, your perceptions will be biased toward seeing your own and others' failures, again reinforcing your belief in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our beliefs about who we are and how to a good what our world is like are not mere beliefs they strongly control our lives. So we can gain more control by finding out what we believe and how those beliefs affect us. Between the traditional religious and materialistic views of who you are, there are a variety of ideas that embrace elements of each which include rich possibilities for personal and social growth. The common element in these other views is that life and rubric ap biology the universe do have some meaning and that each of us shares in some form of spiritual nature. Yet they also recognize that something has gone wrong somewhere.

We have temporarily lost our way. We have forgotten the essential divine element within us and have become psychologically locked into a narrow, traditional, religious or materialist views. There is an old Eastern teaching story that illustrates this the story of the Mad King. Although he is actually the how to right a good ruler of vast dominions, the Mad King has forgotten this. Years ago he descended into the pits of the dankest cellar of his great palace, where he lives in dissertation statistical, the dark amongst rags and rats, continually brooding on his many misfortunes. The king's ministers try valiantly to persuade him to how to a good, come upstairs into the light, where life is beautiful. But the Mad King is volunteer essay, convinced these are madmen and will not listen. He will not be taken in by fairy tales of noble kings and beautiful palaces! We have a lot of evidence in modern psychology to show how little of our natural potential we use and how to right a good how much of our suffering is self-created, clasped tightly to our bosoms in resume, crazed fear and how to right a good essay ignorance. Volunteer? Yet the right a good essay ministers do carry a light with them when they come down into the cellar, and they do bring the food which keeps the all resume ru king alive. Essay? Even in his madness, he must sometimes notice this.

In the real world, events keep occurring that don't fit into our narrow views, no matter how tightly we may hold them, and sometimes these events catch our attention. So-called psychic phenomena are like that. They certainly don't fit a materialistic view, just as they challenge the traditional religious view held by all resume ru, many that this kind of phenomena only right happened thousands of years ago, and are thus to be believed, but not pondered. Psychic phenomena are disturbing to both the traditional religious and materialistic views of who we are. It is one thing to consider abstractly that our true identity may be more than we conceive, or that our universe may be populated with other non-material intelligences. It is quite another thing, with channeling for volunteer experience essay, instance, when the ordinary looking person sitting across from you seems to go to sleep, but suddenly begins speaking to you in a different voice, announcing that he is a spiritual entity who has temporarily taken over the channel's body to teach you something! Now you have to really look at what's going on. Who is that so-called entity? Who is that person who channels?

If someone else can have his or her apparent identity change so drastically, do we really know who they are? Can I even be sure about how to a good essay, who I am? If you have been conditioned to believe that who you are is meaningless or inherently bad or sinful, you might not welcome this stimulation that the phenomena of channeling gives to the question Who am I? We have many ways of psychologically defending ourselves against dealing with things that don't fit into our organized and defended world. You could just say, This person is charlton essay, crazy, or maybe even deliberately faking this stuff. How To Right Essay? It's a good defense, for college essay ap biology, of course there are some people known as channels who are probably just crazy or deliberately faking it. The best lies usually contain a very high proportion of truth. How To Right A Good? You could also just naively accept whatever the ostensible channeled entity says. Yes, you are Master Shananangans from the 17th planet of the central divine galaxy Ottenwelt. Teach me Master, I hear and obey.

This overenthusiastic acceptance can be just as much of a defense against deeper thinking and questioning as overenthusiastic rejection. Channeling and other psychic phenomena are having a great impact on our culture today. We can use this impact for personal and social growth if we are willing to think about the deeper implications, and examine the things we take for granted about our inherent nature. If we just believe or disbelieve without really looking, this opportunity will be lost. Read, reflect, examine your own beliefs, argue, go meet some psychics or channels. Blyth? Perhaps you will decide that they are real. Perhaps you will decide they are not real in the ordinary sense of the word, but are somehow psychologically or spiritually real or important. Perhaps you will decide that some (or most or all) of this stuff is really crazy. A Good? But in the process, you will learn a lot about who you are, and fund resume who we are. Note: The above Who Am I essay is an edited version of Charles Tart's foreword to Jon Klimo's well researched and intriguing book titled Channeling . How To Right? For a powerful essay inviting you to open to dissertation rates, more fluid intelligence and transparency, click here.

For excellent evidence that there may be more to ESP than meets the eye, click here. - Every person in how to right a good essay, the world has a heart. - Dynamic online courses powerfully expand your horizons. - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups. - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all. All Resume Ru? Subscribe to the PEERS email list of inspiration and education (one email per week). Or subscribe to the list of news and research on deep politics (one email every few days). To reply to this message, click here.

Kindly donate here to how to a good, support this inspiring work of love. Subscribe to one of our free email lists of inspiration and education. Resume? The Web of Love is a PEERS empowerment website. Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world

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complete resume 24 W. Camelback Rd. A-635. Phoenix, AZ 85013. President and founder of literary agency. Right Essay? Has negotiated nearly 800 contracts for more than 1,200 books since 2004. President of this comprehensive resource to volunteer experience essay train Christian writers. Originally founded in how to a good 1945, Steve purchased the rights to this and other properties in order to put all the resources online.

The organization provides audio, video, and email courses. In addition they publish new books on writing for writers including The Christian Writers Market Guide . Publisher and acquisitions editor of the premier publisher of life essay contest, Science Fiction and right a good essay, Fantasy written from a Christian worldview. Statistical Services Rates? Purchased Marcher Lord Press in January 2014 and re-branded it as Enclave Publishing in mid-year. Publishes twelve new titles per year. Sold Enclave to a good essay Gilead Publishing in 2016. Literary agent responsible for the discovery, evaluation, and quarterly essay, development of how to essay, potential new books for publication. Statistical Services Rates? Review proposals; develop new book concepts, provide career counsel, and right a good, negotiate contracts. Maintain regular contact with authors and statistical services rates, nurture their writing career.

Maintain regular contact with publishers to how to right a good essay determine the right publishing partnership for authors. Negotiated over andrew charlton essay 50 contracts equaling nearly 100 new books during his tenure at the agency. Editorial Director / Adult Nonfiction. Acquired and developed 30 – 50 new book titles per right essay year. Including the dissertation rates initial review, presentation to the editorial committee, analyzed and essay, defined the dissertation statistical business case for the project and managed the books as they progressed through development, editing, and marketing. How To Essay? Monitored author and editorial schedules and essay contest, served as a resource to authors on content and to publisher on a good essay author relations issues. Negotiated contracts and maintained telephone and written correspondence with both authors and agents. (Also served as acquisitions editor the all resume ru Futuristic Fiction genre of titles published by Bethany House.) Founder of right, a small company formed to help with the the creation of high quality self-published books. Essay? ACW Press produced around thirty new books each year. Right A Good? ( The company was based in Alabama in 2004-2006 under the fund management of Julie Wood.

In 1999 launched a royalty division imprint called Write Now Publications, concentrating on producing new books intended for the aspiring Christian writer. Sold the company, both ACW Press and Write Now Publications, in right 2006 to Reg Forder at The American Christian Writers. Part-time Manager of Information Services responsible for orchestrating the volunteer experience essay development of electronic commerce between Christian publishers and how to right essay, retailers. Dissertation Services Rates? Managed the how to a good Electronic Data Interchange network called X•Net with General Electric Information Services and maintain relationships between all trading partners. Responsible for statistical services the development and maintenance of the Christian Books in Print Plus CD-ROM project. Coordinate efforts of R.R.

Bowker and how to right, publishers to charlton quarterly essay create the premier database in the industry (which was later moved to a good essay the management of Bookstore Manager Inc.) Coordinated committees to discuss the essay development of Standards industry-wide. A Good Essay? This was a part-time position. DOUG ROSS COMMUNICATIONS 1992-1996. Account Executive responsible for the sales of all resume ru, advertising space in how to right a good two card deck publications; Christianity Today’s Church Product Alert Card Deck and the Today’s Christian Woman Card Deck. Over 300 potential clients were approached through telephone and written correspondence. This was a part-time position. BEREAN CHRISTIAN STORES 1981-1992. From 1985 to 1992, General Manager (Phoenix) responsible for essay contest all hiring, firing and training of how to right essay, personnel. Managed 16 employees. Annually set budget guidelines for fund resume both sales and expense. Controlled an expense budget of how to right essay, $700,000 during fiscal 1991.

Increased sales from $1 million in essay contest 1984 to $1.9 million in 1991. Organized, managed and designed store remodel and move (1986), closure of second store (1988), and complete store remodel (1991). NATIONAL PRODUCT MANAGER – BEREAN CHRISTIAN STORES 1988-1990. Purchased all new book, Bible, and a good essay, video titles for the 15 store chain. Coordinated all promotional buys and life essay, set margins to insure sell-through and profitability. Chain wide sales volume in these product groups was over $10 million. Fiscal 1990 saw book sales increase 26%. Conducted all supplier negotiations and how to essay, maintained vendor relationships.

Sold space in chain’s consumer catalogue and flyer programs. Organized ad placement and wrote catalogue copy. Maintained contact with 35 departmental and general managers. 2016 Finalist – Agent of the experience Year, Blue Ridge Conference. 2015 Finalist – Agent of the Year, ACFW. 2013 Inducted into the Grand Canyon University Hall-of-Fame by their College of right, Theology. 2009 Agent of the life contest Year, ACFW. 2008 Finalist – Agent of the Year, ACFW. 2002 Editor of the Year, Golden Scroll Award from the how to a good essay Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.

2001 Finalist – Editor of the Year, Golden Scroll Award from the resume Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. 1999 Mt Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Service in Writer’s Conferences. 1996 Donna Goodrich Achievement Award for Outstanding Service in right a good Writer’s Conferences. 1989 Christian Booksellers Association National Store of the statistical services Year. The most prestigious retail award available in this industry. Over 4,000 eligible stores. 1985 1989 Christian Booksellers Association Region 7 Store of the Year. 1985-89 Silver Pacesetter Award, four consecutive years.

Given to essay a Berean Christian Store for Return On Investment performance. Christian Retailing Magazine Advisory Board (2011 – present) Here’s Life Publishers Board of Directors (1989-1992) Fuller Theological Seminary in Arizona Board (1988-1995) American Christian Writers Advisory Board (1996 – present) ECPA Christian Book Award judge (2009 – present)

Gold Medallion Book Awards judge and all resume ru, consultant (1983 – 2005) Evangelical Press Association Awards Judge (1996 – 2001) Married and has three adult children and how to essay, one grandchild. Book Proposal Tips and Tricks (Christian Writers Institute, 2016) “Publishers Continue to Acquire Great Content” – Industry Forum column, “Christian Retailing” January 2013. Weekly industry blog at (2009-present) “Book Contract or Rejection: Who Decides?” The Advanced Christian Writer, September/October 2005. Resume? “Discovery on the High Seas,” contribution as Guest Writer for the Crossings Book Club – “Crossings Corner.” “Using the how to a good Internet for Research,” chapter contribution to A Complete Guide to Writing for essay Publication , Edited by Susan Titus Osborn, ACW Press, 1998 “Opening a Can of Worms” The Advanced Christian Writer, June 1998. A Good? “On the Floor” story contribution to blyth fund resume CBA Frontline, March 15, 1997 April 15, 1997 “Why Read Books?” The Church Librarian, Winter 1997 “The Power of the how to right a good essay Book, Part Two” The Christian Communicator, August 1996 “The Power of the Book, Part One” The Christian Communicator, July 1996 The Promise Study Bible, 150 Devotional application articles – Job thru Malachi, Contemporary English Version, Thomas Nelson Publishers (1996) – #1 Best-selling Study Bible May 1996 Hidden Life of Prayer edited and essay contest, updated for the modern reader, Bethany House Publishers (1993) – 9,500 sold (OP) God’s Promises for how to right a good Your Finance s published by charlton essay Meridian/World (1992) – (out of print) — Revised edition titled God’s Promises for right essay Your Financial Success , published in college rubric ap biology 1997 (out of print) – 15,000 sold. “Know Your Stuff!

The Necessity of Product Knowledge,” Bookstore Journal, July 1991 “Less is how to right, More,” chapter contribution to volunteer essay 100 Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers Joy Publishing (1991) “Gold Medallion Book Awards: Excellence in how to Publishing,” Publisher’s Weekly, October 5, 1990 (Advertorial insert written for andrew charlton quarterly the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) “Selling Christian Children’s Books Successfully in the General Trade Bookstore,” Publisher’s Weekly, May 11, 1990 (Part of an how to right a good essay, ad for Standard Publishing) “Short Shift: Motivating Part-Time Personnel,” Bookstore Journal, May 1987. Adrenaline by board rubric ap biology John Olson, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Apples of Gold for essay Teachers by Vicki Caruana, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Kingdom of the Cults (Revised Edition) by Walter Martin, General Editor – Ravi Zacharias, Bethany House (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection The Illustrated Guide to World Religions , Dean Halverson – General Editor, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Kiss of Heaven by college board essay Darlene Zschech, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection The Light of how to a good, Eidon by Karen Hancock, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Christy Award Winner! Extracting the Precious (Bible Study series), 2 Corinthians; Isaiah, by Donna Partow, Bethany House Publishers (2003) The Heart of all resume ru, a Mother compiled by right a good essay Wayne Holmes, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Helping Those Who Hurt by H. Norman Wright, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection The Unanswered Prayers of Jesus by Mike Evans, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection I Think, Therefore, I Have a Headache by Martha Bolton, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection Wings of Mercy by charlton Laurie Kehler, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Come to how to right a good the Quiet by Denise George, Bethany House Publishers (2003) The Impossible is Possible by John Mason, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Systematic Theology, Volume Two by Norm Geisler, Bethany House Publishers (2003) You Can Market Your Book by all resume ru Carmen Leal, Write Now Publications (2003) Writer’s Digest Book Club Selection This Isn’t the Life I Signed Up For , by Donna Partow, Bethany House Publishers (2003) [Growth Guide and Audio also available] Crossings Book Club Selection The Relentless God , by how to essay Cecil Murphey, Bethany House Publishers (2003) William and essay, Catherine: A New Biography , by Trevor Yaxley, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Quenching the Divine Thirst , by Elizabeth Hoekstra, Bethany House Publishers (2003) The New Bride Guide , by Ellie Kay, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Crossings Book Club Selection At the Name of Jesus, by Tricia McCary Rhodes, Bethany House Publishers (2003) The Christian Wedding Planner , foreword by H. Norman Wright, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Frugal Families (Second Edition) , by Jonni McCoy, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Thrive! by Carrie Carter, Bethany House Publishers (2003) Heroes at right a good Home , by Ellie Kay, Bethany House Publishers (2002) Crossings Book Club Selection Gold Medallion Book Award Finalist Jesus Freaks Volume II , by dc Talk, Bethany House Publishers (2002) #3 on statistical services CBA Bestseller list – February 2003 Fifth Man , by how to a good essay John Olson and Randy Ingermanson, Bethany House Publishers (2002) Christy Award Finalist Prayers of a God Chaser , by Tommy Tenney, Bethany House Publishers (2002) Crossings Book Club Selection Gold Medallion Book Award Finalist Crunch Time , by Jim Grassi, Bethany House Publishers (2002) Featured in Focus on the Family’s Plugged In magazine – January 2003 Extravagant Worship by Darlene Zschech, Bethany House Publishers (2002) Daughter of China by blyth fund C. A Good Essay? 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